Monday, October 31, 2011

London Epilogue: Some Packaged Goods

Oasis and Supermalt

Here goes another roundup of various packaged goods that I picked up last week. The malt drink on the right was probably the most interesting. Despite looking like a beer bottle, it was mildly sweet, non-alcoholic, and tasted a bit like liquified bran flakes. The drink on the left wasn't anything special; there was another orange drink called Tango that I liked a lot more. I think it's supposed to be a competitor of Fanta.

McCoy's Crisps and Border Biscuits Shortbread Rings

And no, normally I'm not one to go buy junk food like this. But I needed a bit more food one night and wasn't in the mood to sit down for a curry. So I grabbed some shortbread and chips (or as they say in England, crisps) from a convenience store. I didn't feel good about eating them, but I suppose that they did the job as advertised.

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