Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Horoyoi Set at JiBiru, 313@Somerset

Horoyoi Set

Something about this horoyoi set from JiBiru has had me curious for a long time. Part of it was simply the value in the deal, with edamame, a beer, and a few yakitori sticks at only S$17.90 (US$14.30). But I think part of it was also the concept of horoyoi, or "tipsy," the idea being that one gets a beer after work to take the edge off before going home, if I understood it correctly. Sounded like a good deal either way.

The thing that I was worried about, however, was whether the yakitori would be as bad as the ones that they serve at FIV五 Izakaya Bar, the latter of which used cuts of chicken that were so large that they were practically the size of Chicken McNuggets (ugh!). Fortunately, they used more normal sizes here. Of course, one couldn't exactly expect a wide selection either, but it was something to go easily with the beer.

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