Monday, September 23, 2013

Somali Food at Jubba Restaurant in San Jose

Roast Goat

I finally made it down to this Somali restaurant that was mentioned sometime ago (5330 Terner Way, Suite 40, 440-1504). I went straight for item at the top of the menu, as it mentioned that this roasted goat was a traditional Somali dish. The meat was disappointingly tough, but that green sauce was indeed pretty good. I should have asked for more sauce, and perhaps next time I should order something boneless if they have it.

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JadedOne said...

Oh bummer! You should've ordered the Chicken Suqaar with rice. The rice is like a fried rice with currents and assorted veggies and has a hit of curry flavors in it. The chicken itself is tender and savory which goes great with the spicy light green sauce. I know most of my recommendations have let you down but I'm hoping you try it and love it.