Thursday, September 12, 2013

4505 Meats at the SF Ferry Building

4505 Bacon Studded Hot Dog Zilla Style

For some reason, every time I came down to the Ferry Building in the past, I missed 4505 Meats, a butcher that also sold burgers and sausages at Farmers' Markets around the city. Today, I finally caught them, going for their namesake 4505 Bacon Studded Hot Dog, and upgrading to the Zilla Style that included kimchi, sauce, and chicharrones.

The chicharrones were probably the best part of this, being surprisingly light. Unfortunately, that kimchi just overpowered the dog though, such that I couldn't even taste the bacon weaved into it. And worse, the kimchi was a little sweet. Oh well - maybe next time I'll try the burger. And yes, that seagull was sneakily advancing toward my food!

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I Love Teh Tarik! said...

Nice shot :)

The seagull looks ready to take on your burger!