Friday, May 31, 2013

Wild Cajun in Houston, Texas

Wild Cajun Crawfish

Yes, while I was in Houston, my priority was not only to get some fresh local seafood, but also to finally get to the origin of that peculiar but delicious Vietnamese-Cajun way of doing crawfish. When I finally got to Little Saigon, I was surprised by how many crawfish places there were. But I came here, as this place was supposed to be one of the best in the city (6533 Wilcrest Drive Suite 104, 832-328-4000).

Now, keep in mind that my benchmark is the Boiling Crab. So when I walked in, I immediately started noticing the similarities and differences. The decor was similarly Bubba Gump-like, despite the strange presence of a sushi bar in the back. And yet, little differences arose as I proceeded, such as those off-puttingly blue plastic bags that they used as tablecloths, as well as the big metal bowls that the crawfish came out in (not to mention that plastic American-Chinese tableware).

They also provided more than the usual salt/pepper/lime mixture, as there was a shaker of cajun spice too (and peculiarly, a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise??). Perhaps most notably, this mixture was done with less butter and a lot more onions than the Boiling Crab. It was fine, but for some reason I could hardly get any of that delicious head fat out of these things. At least it was cheap at only $6.99/pound.

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