Monday, May 06, 2013

Ramen Matsuri on North Canal Road

Extra Vegetable Ramen

These guys took over Baikohken's previous location (7 North Canal Road, 6534-3808), and I wasn't expecting it to be any good. Why not? Some magazine that I read said something to the effect that it was "fusion ramen," which didn't exactly sound very inspiring. Still, I was curious enough to come down here to give it a shot, figuring that I would never come back. Little did I know.

It was surprisingly good. I'm not sure what was so fusion-y about it, but maybe it was in reference to the wok-fried cabbage and bean sprouts that they topped the bowl with. Either way, it was my favorite part of the bowl, as I just loved that smoky greasy wok flavor.

Moreover, the noodles were thin and the broth was good enough to pass my ultimate litmus test: I drank it down to the very last drop. No, it's not the best bowl in town, but this could easily be an "everyday ramen," if only this stuff were a little healthier. I'll be back.

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Ruairi Gogan said...

Tried Ramen Matsuri last night. I asked the chef to give me something not on the menu. Mt Fuji ramen were a grand slam!