Saturday, February 02, 2013

Daruma Ramen House, TripleOne Somerset

Tonkotsu Ramen Set

Plenty of ramen has been arriving from Japan lately, but from Hong Kong?? Yep, this shop is from Hong Kong, where apparently the guy wished he could get ramen that was more like what he had in Japan, and thus started up his own store. It seems that he has now expanded to Singapore, on the former grounds of Sanomaru (111 Somerset Road #02-15, 6235-6079). I had a minute before dinner tonight to stop by for a quick snack.

It was better than I was expecting...for the first few bites, at least. The broth wasn't as diluted as I thought it would be, while the noodles were firmer than I thought they would be too. The chashu was also decently tender and fatty. Alas, it didn't make it past my ultimate litmus test though: I couldn't get myself to finish the broth. For some reason, both the broth and the chashu had an ever so slight tinge of sweetness in them that I didn't care for. Is that a common thing with ramen from Hong Kong?

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