Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seafood Off of Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Seafood

Yes, after finishing my work tonight, I came back here again for dinner, as I was tempted by a number of seafood stalls that I saw clustered in the middle of the street earlier. There were huge lobsters and crabs on display, along with a grill with a bunch of skewers. I stayed away from the big stuff and went instead for some crab claws as well as some scallops and squid that the guy upsold me on.

It was nasty. Oh man, there was wayyyy too much garlic on these things, and the crab was kinda dried out too. What was the point of eating seafood if one just covers it in garlic in the end? I just couldn't eat any more, feeling bad for wasting most of the food. But at least it wasn't too expensive. All of that seafood was only 60 RMB (US$10), beer inclusive.

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