Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cold Noodles from Shanghai Old Street

Cold Noodle Lady

That title may sound a bit weird, but that was literally the name of the street: Shanghai Old Street, or shang hai lao jie. When I asked the hotel's concierge for some street food nearby, they pointed me in this direction, where a number of places in a tiny alley were open. I stopped at this lady's stall and asked for her recommendation.

She immediately took one of those big tortilla-like things from the front of the cart. I thought she was going to give me a burrito of sorts until she folded it over and cut into strips of wide rice noodles, which she thereafter lashed with vinegar, chili oil, and raw garlic.

It was delicious. And the best part was not the fact that it only cost 6 RMB (US$1), but that she dumped it all into a plastic bag that was supported by half of a Styrofoam box underneath. It wasn't exactly what one would call elegant, but it sure was practical.

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