Friday, November 30, 2012

Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood, North Miami

Collosal Stone Crab Claws

I needed a quick snack this afternoon to keep me going before dinnertime, and I figured what better to do that while I was here than more of these local stone crab claws? This shop (12950 West Dixie Highway, 892-2812) was rated decently in Zagat for being no-frills and cheap, and thus fit my personality just right. I stepped in, grabbed a refreshing amber bock, and waited for my stone crab claws, which I heard them hammering away at in the fish market section of the venue.

And boy, did they need to hammer at it. See, I got the biggest "collosal" sized-claws this time (as opposed to the smallest "medium" ones from the other day). This made the shell so darned thick that it was even thicker than Sri Lankan crabs from back in Singapore. I struggled so much with applying a nutcracker to a particular piece that the staff suggested that they just bring it back to the market to use a hammer instead. But yes, after getting it all open, this firm tasty meat was delicious, even without covering it up in butter or that mild mustard sauce.

I'm not sure why I had such a bad and tasteless experience with this stuff the first time I had it. Maybe it was off-season and they had kept it in storage or something. But now I'm loving this stuff, and can definitely see what all of the fuss is about. I'd be eating it quite regularly if I lived in the area. It's still pretty pricey at the end of the day; those two claws above were about $35, even at this bargain venue. I'd hate to see what kind of prices they were charging at more upscale places like Joe's.

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