Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market, Miami

Stone Crab Claws and Fried Conch

The first time I had stone crab claws, I was not impressed. And yet, being in Miami this week, I had to take advantage of the local seafood, so we came down to this cool seafood place by the river for an early lunch today (398 Northwest North River Drive, 375-0765), grabbing a set of small claws as well another local delicacy: fried conch.

The conch was firmer than I was expecting - and in a good way. More importantly, this experience has completely changed my opinion of stone crab claws for the better. Granted, they still weren't as delicate as dungeness from back home. But they had a mildly sweet and rich taste to them, so much that I wanted to get another plate of larger claws afterwards. I think I'd better get some more later this week.

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