Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sights from Pike Place Market in Seattle

Half Dozen Quilcene Oysters

Last time I came down here, it was too early and most of the shops hadn't opened yet. There were no such problems today. We still stopped at Beecher's, this time for their mac and cheese. It was good, although we probably should have gotten the original version for a pure taste rather than the spicy "mariachi" version we had. Anyway, we hopped on down to Jack's Fish Spot after that (1514 Pike Place, 206-467-0514) for some quick local oysters as well as a dungeness crab cocktail. Anywhere that you pick at fresh shellfish while sitting at a metal counter is my kind of place.

Fresh Seafood for Sale at Pike Place Market

And of course there was plenty of seafood in the market, as touristy as it may be. One of the more unique items we came across was a pasta shop that had chocolate linguine that they suggested you eat in its hard uncooked state together with ice cream. Other interesting varieties available included a painfully hot habanero pasta as well as some kind of linguine with Thai spices in it. Fortunately there was some relief at a fruit stand just down the way selling super sweet local peaches, as well as a stand selling dried local apples.

Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar Special

We closed out our rounds at Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar (1916 Pike Place, 206-448-7721) where we grabbed some steamed clams as well as their special, which was really just a sampler of oysters, shrimp, and chowder. They were all good (I liked how they use small clams, and the chowder was thick and chunky), but I still prefer places back home with their sourdough bread. Well, fresh shellfish from the Pacific Northwest is nothing to complain about; if they could somehow put the distinctive smell of these restaurants into air fresheners, that would be my kind of aromatherapy.

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