Sunday, April 22, 2012

Concubine Crab from Red House Seafood

Gui Fei Crab

When one has visitors from out of town who want to get local seafood, it's basically a textbook move to get them the quintessential Singaporean chili crab...or as an alternative, maybe black or white pepper crab. But our guests had those already, and were intrigued by lesser-known variations like the ones done with salted egg yolk, butter, or this claypot version above. I'm not sure why they called it gui fei (or concubine) crab here at Red House, but it was basically crab bee hoon (like Uncle Leong's, not Sin Huat's).

It's been a while since I've had this stuff, so I really can't make much of a comparison. But the flesh was surprisingly sweet (naturally, that is), while the broth was milkier than I was expecting. It didn't have the kick of the black pepper crab that we had the other night, but it certainly was healthier. One of these days I'd be interested in trying that Malaysian kam heong style; I don't think I've had that before.

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