Wednesday, April 18, 2012

US$10 For This Serving of Broccoli??

US$10 Broccoli

That's no joke. That paltry serving of broccoli from Long Beach Seafood above cost a whopping S$12 (US$10). We busted out laughing when it arrived, as it looked as if someone had eaten most of the plate already, but the waitress confirmed that that was indeed the "small" serving. Wow. (Sorry for the unsightly scraps around it, but I just had to capture this in the moment.)

Well, at least it had a nice smoky aroma that made it taste better than anything I could make at home. And for a guy that has willingly paid unnecessarily high prices for Japanese fruit, I really shouldn't complain. But still, that is quite a ripoff. On a more positive note, I really liked the spicy taste of the black pepper crab here...although don't get me started on the industry's prices for that either.

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Xinli said...

wah! this is disgusting! normally it would only cost 6-7 SGD.