Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trying To Figure Out Lasuni vs. Karara Tikka

Clockwise from left: Lasuni Tikka, Karara Tikka, Biryani

I still needed a bit more food after that bowl of noodles, so I circled around each stall here at Marina Square again when I noticed a stall called Jade of India Feast whose menu pitted something called lasuni tikka versus karara tikka. I had no idea what the difference was (aside from the guy's explanation that the former was spicy), so I figured that I'd give it a try along with some of that biryani that looked decently good.

It was only after I ordered did I realize that this was pretty similar to tandoori chicken in the case of the former and murgh malai kebab in the case of the latter. Are they basically just different names for the same thing, or are they really different dishes? (I think these were a bit more garlicky and spicy.) Either way, these guys did an impressively good job of them, being surprisingly tender, moist, and smoky. It actually reminded me a bit of Bar-B-Q Tonight.

Too bad the biryani was dry though, lacking the lovely lamb fat that one get in Bar-B-Q Tonight's platter...and don't even get me started on the unappealing daal here. But I'd come back here for the chicken, especially since they take their time to throw them into the tandoor and dribble ghee on them (evil grin), serving them when they are piping hot. Interestingly, it looks like these guys are run by the same guys as the ones behind Raj.

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