Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taqueria Vallarta in the Mission District, SF

Lengua, Buche, and Cabeza Tacos

Man, those were some of the best darned tacos I have had in a very long time (thanks for the tip!). Yeah, screw that unnecessarily rice-filled Mission burrito stuff...I'm sticking to tacos next time I'm in the area. These guys (3033 24th Street, 415-826-8116) in particular had a taco bar setup with all sorts of cuts of meat.

I intentionally went for the things that one normally doesn't see in other places, like tongue, neck, and head meat. They came off the grill piping hot and were so delicious that I immediately went back for three more, this time getting the tripe, stomach, and brisket. And even then, they were so good that when I left, I felt I still could have for at least three or more with still plenty of room to spare. Rock on!


ferlin_husky said...

If you are anywhere near Oakland I would hit up the Tacos el Gordo truck for some suadero and buche tacos al vapor.

JinSF said...

Glad you liked it!