Saturday, March 09, 2013

My First Flight on JetBlue

Animal Crackers on JetBlue

I've always heard good things about JetBlue, but had never flown them before. This was in part because they are not part of Star Alliance, but also since their routes on the west coast were never anything great. This time I'm in Boston though, which is a huge hub for them, so I was eager to see what they were like.

Even though that darned snowstorm delayed my flight by four hours, I liked it a lot. I didn't even buy the "Even More Space" option and it was already decently roomy (although the fact that there was no one sitting next to me nor behind me on this nearly empty flight surely helped). They of course had the satellite TV that they are known for, as well as a snack basket for you to choose from (when was the last time you had animal crackers on a plane?).

Admittedly, I still prefer Virgin America over them (fast ordering system, Wi-Fi, and cooler lighting), but they suffer from the same network and alliance issues as JetBlue. Either way, they're better than Southwest, and they make legacy carriers like United look like dinosaurs.

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