Friday, March 08, 2013

Lobster Benedict from Room Service

Lobster Benedict

Man, I've been ordering room service a lot lately, eh? This definitely wasn't planned, but this snowstorm wasn't exactly expected to last this long either. And seeing that I was going to be stuck indoors for a while, I figured that I'd better get some food in my belly, and this was one of the few things on the menu that seemed to have a local flair to it.

Yes, it's Eggs Benedict but with local New England lobster instead of bacon. But the funny thing is that there was hardly any lobster to be found in this thing (if you look closely, there are some very small and shriveled up pieces in there). Granted, one couldn't exactly expect them to be overly generous with it, but this was so puny that I had to stop and squint to make sure that there was any lobster in the first place.

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