Sunday, February 17, 2013

VeganBurg at the Grandstand

VeganKidz Meal

I was still hungry after I left Omakase Burger, so I figured that it might be a good chance to top up with something from that VeganBurg place that I saw on the way in (200 Turf Club Road #01-32). A vegan burger doesn't exactly sound very exciting, but after having had that mindblowingly-good veggie burger at Umami Burger back home, I figured that this place could probably be just as good.

Unfortunately, it wasn't. Granted, that's just the kid's meal above (featuring tofu-based sausages, BTW), but I even got a full sized burger afterwards too, and it just ended up being like your everyday garden burger: dry and uninspiring. That's too bad. Maybe one of these days I'll stop by one of their locations in the CBD for a snack though...there was some kind of a crispy potato and spinach snack that looked like it might have some potential.

Side note: they've really done an interesting job with this Grandstand place, eh? It's still the same beat-up old building on the outside (with those second-hand car dealers underneath the parking lot), but that dismal "shopping" area that was previously inside Turf City has completely been revamped with brand new food places like this one as well as Omakase and even the new location for Yoyogi. Interesting.

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Nat said...

keep writing! i enjoy reading your passion for food..