Saturday, January 05, 2013

Singapore's Bombay Cafe by the Beach

Bhel Puri

This was completely unexpected. We were down at East Coast Park this afternoon when I hobbled over to that block of shops near Burger King (1018 East Coast Parkway) to get some soda. Out of nowhere, there was a stall selling chaat. And not just a few measly selections for the sake of it, but a reasonably long selection of chaat at that. When I looked up at the name of the stand, it was Bombay Cafe. Cool - so they opened up a little beachside stall out here too.

I grabbed this bhel puri, which the lady filled up all the way to the max of this Styrofoam takeout box, making it at least two or three times the size that I was expecting (and all for only S$4, or US$3.20). She made it super spicy too, although admittedly all of the flavors were a bit too much that I practically had to force the rest of it down my throat (all while giving me a delightful dragon breath!). I'll definitely choose something else next time; it's good to know that they are here either way.


mari said...

hi, your blog makes me want to go to asia just so that i could try all this food you're posting. i've no idea how i stumbled upon your page, but i'm glad i did! may i ask which camera you use to post your pictures?

bma said...

Right now, it's a Nokia Lumia 900