Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mumbai's Kailash Parbat in Singapore

Pani Puri and Koki

I know. Indian food isn't exactly making my meals from today any healthier, but at least there wasn't any meat here. Actually, I'd been told to come down to this chain for chaat for some time now, and was only reminded of that after noticing this past weekend that they had opened another shop across from Mustafa. The menu's introduction mentioned that they were famous for a few things, so I basically went right down that list and ordered away, including the thick-shelled pani puri shown here, along with that buttery red flatbread called koki.

Perhaps the more notable thing here was the decor and the service, the former of which was brightly lit and a touch nicer than places like Raj down the street. The service was attentive too - and perhaps a bit *too* helpful. The guy serving me actually discouraged me from getting a drink called sindhi matha, saying that I wouldn't like it because it was spicy and sour. But I insisted, and enjoyed it a was just buttermilk (i.e., chaas or sambharam). He also suggested a potato cake thing called ragda pattice, which came out piping hot. I left here completely stuffed, and will easily come back.

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