Monday, December 31, 2012

Toshikoshi Soba on New Year's Eve

Toshikoshi Soba

We passed by Shimbashi Soba tonight when we noticed a sign talking about Toshikoshi Soba for New Year's Eve. I had no idea what this was, but there was some handwritten scribble that said that they only had ten portions left, so we scrambled to ask for one. Fortunately, they still had some available despite the fact that we did not pre-order any.

It turns out that there wasn't anything special about the soba itself; it's just that it's a tradition in Japan to eat soba on New Year's Eve (and apparently on the Gregorian New Year's Eve, not the Japanese one). In this case, we had to bring it home and cook it ourselves. At least it seems more culturally aligned than that frenzy for KFC during Christmas in Japan.

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