Monday, October 31, 2011

Umeboshi Soba from Shimbashi

Kishu Wakayama Ume Seiro

Shimbashi Soba had this plum-flavored version on its menu today. But aside from the mildly red tint, I really couldn't taste the difference. Perhaps the more noticeable change was the new staff, which still seemed to be trying to figure things out: the senior manager working today didn't even know how to take an order and had to get one of his staff to come over instead. They got the order wrong a few times, but they were eventually a bit more attentive with the refills at least.

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Unknown said...

The difference is really too subtle to notice. There's a hint of perilla in the dip and the noodles are a little saltier. All in all, not exactly worth the extra $3. There are other new additions to the menu too which looks interesting.

On the topic of Japanese noodles, Ramen Champion at Iluma has some spicy ramen variations. I don't know if I like them more but it's variety. *shrugs*