Saturday, December 01, 2012

Cafe La Carreta at Miami Airport

From left: croqueta, papa rellena, cafe con leche, and a Cuban sandwich

I wanted to hit up a couple of local breakfast places before heading to the airport this morning, but it was so early that none of them were open yet. But I figured that I could just grab something at the airport, especially since there was an outlet of local Cuban chain La Carretta there. Unfortunately, the restaurant was behind security in a different concourse that I couldn't get to, so I had to settle for the miniature cafe stand in Terminal E outside baggage claim down on the first floor.

I grabbed a variety of things just for the sake of trying them, including the croqueta and papa rellena on the left. And since I had a good experience with a Cuban sandwich the first time I had it, I got one here as well. Unfortunately, the sandwich here was a bit of a bore (the fact that it was Saran-wrapped before being put in the toaster should have been a sign). The papa rellena was the best of it all with some savory minced meat in a big potato ball, but frankly I didn't finish any of this in the end. Oh well.

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