Friday, November 30, 2012

La Camaronera Restaurant & Fish Market, Miami

The Original Pan Con Minuta with a Malta India

With the week's meetings completed, I grabbed a rental car to make my way back into the city to hunt down more local food, with this one being a particularly interesting Cuban seafood shop (1952 West Flagler Street, 642-3322). Indeed, once you stepped inside, it smelled like a fish market. And yet, the seafood cabinet was just a small portion of the venue. The bulk of it was a big open kitchen surrounded by a low counter where everyone stood around chomping at fresh seafood that appeared in minutes upon ordering. Sweet!

I grabbed their signature snapper sandwich above, which was pretty cool in that they left the tail on. Dressed only with a small amount of sauce and onions, this thing was delicious, especially when doused with what seemed to be a Colombian Sriracha sauce. Everyone in there seemed to be having a good time; I think I was the only person in there not speaking Spanish. Anyway, I washed this all down with that malt beverage above. I never realized that this stuff was so common in Carribean cuisine.

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