Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cuban Sandwiches To Go, Orlando

Cuban Sandwich

One of the other things I had to get when I was in Florida was Cuban food. Orlando isn't exactly the hotbed of Cuban food like Miami is, but apparently this shop (1605 Lee Road, 407-578-8888) knew how to do it right. So after a long day of events I took the chance to quickly head out and try one of these Cuban sandwiches.

On paper, it didn't sound like anything too interesting. And when it came out, it looked like any old ham and cheese sandwich with some pickles and mustard. But when I bit into it, I finally figured out what all of the fuss was about. It was the bread: light, airy, and crispy...almost like a very thick wafer or something.

The bread was so appealing that I devoured the thing, even though I wasn't really that hungry and still had a business dinner scheduled later. I don't even really remember the meat inside as I was too obsessed with the bread. Apparently lard is one of the things that goes into the baking process, which definitely explains a few things.

Epilogue: one thing I forgot to get here was one of those little Cuban coffees, so I picked one up at Orlando airport on the way back home the next day. I was surprised by how super sweet it was - in a good way. I could easily get more of those, if they didn't make me bounce off the walls, that is.

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