Friday, November 23, 2012

Bornga from Korea in Singapore

From front: Ggot Sal and Woo Sam Yeop

Another day, another restaurant from Korea (1 Vista Exchange Green #02-24, 6694-4696). Actually, I tried to come to this place at the Star Vista a few weeks ago, but got turned away because it was completely packed. Tonight, I got here early enough that I was able to be seated, ordering the celebrity chef's famous woo sam yeop as well as some unmarinated ggot sap.

With just one bite, one could tell the quality here was several notches above that Kkongdon place. The signature woo sam yeop in particular was something I'd never had before: super thin slices of beef in a lightly sweet sauce that was delicious. Actually, it was a bit reminiscent of a Yoshinoya gyudon, but more refined. Cool.

Word to the wise though: if you come here as a solo diner like I did tonight, they require you to buy at least two meat courses if you're getting the BBQ. And since it was intended for at least two people, be prepared for not only a ton of banchan, but also a ton of fresh wraps, all of which was incidentally refillable. There was no way anyone could accuse me of not eating enough greens today.

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