Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coming Back to Satay Bee Hoon

Satay Bee Hoon

The first - and last - time I had satay bee hoon was more than ten years ago, and I hated it at that time. Why? I was so disappointed because I was expecting something like Tung Kee's #2 back home, but instead I got noodles drenched in that sweet peanut sauce that one usually dips satay skewers into...and hence, the name, I suppose.

But this afternoon, we were out near the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, and the only two things that seemed to register in an old copy of Makansutra were the beef noodle guy as well as some guy doing satay bee hoon at stall #17. I figured that it might be worth giving another try then.

To my surprise, I liked it. This one in particular seemed to be laced with that briny sha cha sauce from Xiamen or Taiwan, making me gobble this up with ease. The interesting thing is that this wasn't even the same Makansutra-rated hawker anymore, and yet I liked it better than the Channel U-covered stall #27, whose sauce tasted more like the sweet dipping stuff instead. I'll stick to #17.

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