Saturday, September 29, 2012

The San Jose Flea Market

Cold Modelo for Sale

We finally made it to the correct flea market this time (1590 Berryessa Road, 453-1110). It was definitely much larger, and most importantly, had tons of food stalls, from which I was hoping to hunt down something interesting to eat. First off though, I needed a cold beverage, as it was blazingly hot. Thankfully beer carts were everywhere, with some of them selling Modelo too. Ahhh!

Unfortunately, there wasn't really that much else to speak of. We grabbed some sliced mango doused in chili powder and Mexican hot sauce. And I was tempted by other stalls selling corn, Chelada, and menudo. But other than that and maybe some habanero pistachios, I was a bit let down by not finding anything else. Oh well.

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