Friday, September 28, 2012

Steamed Rice at the Boiling Crab

Crawfish on Steamed Rice

Yes, we're back here again. We're not running out of places to eat at; it's just that this place was so uniquely good that we had to get another taste before heading back to Asia. And this time, we got some steamed white rice to go with the crawfish. The original idea was that some of that greasy Cajun spice in the bag would go great with the rice, which it did.

But the thing that made me say, "Damn, that is soooo good," was when I paired the rice with some of the crawfish brains. It looked pretty gross with the brown fat squeezed out of the head like a packet of ketchup. But what came out was a rich explosion of flavor, like eating uni over rice, but even more buttery rich and savory. Awesome!!!

These guys have tons of other shellfish like crab legs and shrimp available for the same treatment here, but we're not convinced that is going to be as good, if anything for the sheer fact that there won't be that crawfish head fat to suck out (the clams might be interesting though). Anyway, we've done enough damage to our bodies with this sodium-and-cholesterol snack. A detox session at Whole Foods is going to have to be next.

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