Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phở Hà Vietnamese Restaurant in San Jose

Phở Tai Nạm Sách

This place was a completely random selection (951 Mc Laughlin Avenue, 280-0381). We were originally chasing down a previous suggestion when we found that one under renovation...and only to realize later that it had moved not far from here, but only after we had eaten!

That didn't mean that we regretted coming here though, as the broth was good (and yes, better than that Super Eggroll place). The pork and shrimp in the bún were delicious too with that flame-grilled aroma. My only gripe? The jalapeno peppers were gigantic and crudely cut, and were more sweet than spicy.

But at the end of the day, this was one of the cleanest phở shops I'd ever seen in this neighborhood. I mean, the Formica and florescent decor was just as downscale as the rest of them, but the utensils and condiments at each table were spotless: no grimy buildup nor residue on the bottles here! Even the bean sprouts were properly drained rather than being sitting in a puddle of water on the plate.

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JadedOne said...

Oh no! The place I recommended was under renovation? Boo...

I forgot to add one more suggestion since you're in the neighborhood. If you like tumeric fish, you must go to Thien Long Vietnamese Restaurant. Now that I've mentioned it to you, I kinda wanna go there tonight! The fish tastes especially good with all the condiments. Just beware that you will need a big table because all different things they bring out.