Friday, September 14, 2012

Chego in Los Angeles, California

Buttered Kimchi Chow

On the suggestion of a comment posted recently, we stopped by here for lunch on the way from the airport to the hotel (3300 Overland Avenue, 287-0337). The interesting thing was that we saw a Kogi truck outside, and it was only then did I put the two together to realize that this shop was actually run by the Kogi people. I see.

And in many ways, it tasted similar, with a salty kimchi flavor pervading the dishes, in a good way. We wolfed down this tofu rice bowl with ease, and enjoyed the grilled romaine heart starter and Sriracha chocolate bar too (yep, a rice-based chocolate bar with a hint of Sriracha sauce, but without being spicy). Thanks for the tip!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you liked Chego! I've never tried the tofu myself, but the pork belly is dynamite. Also, their burgers are almost a religious experience. I walked over there on Thursday (it's right around the corner from my house) and they told me they will be serving a whole new appetizer menu starting next month. I can't wait!