Friday, July 27, 2012

Japan's Bene Spaghetti in Singapore

Beef Tongue and Vegetables in Red Wine Sauce

There have been a few mentions of this Japanese pasta chain in the press recently, so I came down here for lunch today to see what it was all about (83 Circular Road, 6536-1726). The main thing about this place was their so-called mushi pasta. Note that it was not "mushy" pasta, but rather steamed pasta (think: chawanmushi). Granted, steaming pasta sounds a bit weird too; one might think that such a process would be precisely the thing to make it mushy. But the one I got came out al dente, and I couldn't complain about that tender tasty gyutan with healthy steamed veggies.

Still, this place is definitely an amusing way, I suppose. This was not only in terms of the unorthodox ways that they prepared the food, but also the frozen flat oshibori that they provided and even the pails and colanders used as lampshades. The timer and Moroccan tagine-like thing seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but I suppose that it had a practical purpose: my pasta sauce was still tongue-scaldingly hot after a prolonged period of time. I'll come back to try out some of the other things on the menu.


XY said...

Looks delicious! Is it pricey?

bma said...

That one above was S$22 (US$17.50), but they have lunch sets for under S$20 if I remember correctly.