Saturday, March 19, 2011

Abezen's Sandaime Bunji in Singapore

Gyutan and Oden Set

I originally came down to Millenia Walk today to eat elsewhere, but when I noticed a sign that said that Japan's Abezen had opened up a shop down the way (9 Raffles Boulevard #01-14, 6333-1516), I couldn't help but change my plans. Called Sandaime Bunji, this place specialized in both gyutan and oden. Yes, it was a strange combination, but fortunately they had a lunch set today that featured both, along with some oxtail soup and tororo rice.

And yes, it worked for me. Oden has never really been anything to get me excited, but I liked the crisp clean broth that came with it. And while the tongue was cut a tad thicker than I like, it was tender and did the job. Besides, at only S$26 (US$20) for this set, I wasn't complaining. The dinner menu had some stuff that looked interesting enough to come back for too.

It was only after I left did I realize that parent company and kamaboko maker Abezen is from Shiogen in Miyagi Prefecture. Yes, that's the same Miyagi where Sendai sits. This past week must have been pretty tough on these guys, especially while opening their first overseas outlet here in Singapore just the other day.

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

The best gyudan I've had was in Sendai. And I only went there last year.. My Japanese friends tell me things are very different in the city now.. :(