Friday, January 01, 2010

Madam Saigon, Millenia Walk, Singapore

Sliced Beef and Brisket Noodle

I've been pretty bummed ever since Pho 24 left Singapore. But I noticed the other day that another Vietnamese place has taken over its old location (9 Raffles Boulevard #01-26, 6338-3831). With alcohol still sitting in my belly from last night, a piping hot bowl of phở was exactly what was needed to purge the system, so we popped on down here today.

I was a bit worried when we arrived, as the menu hardly contained any Vietnamese. I basically had to use the English description and work backwards to make sure that was really the dish I intended to order. But the phở did fine in the end with its clean broth and fresh garnish providing just what the doctor ordered (I want to come down here again to try their "Vietnamese pancake," which I presume refers to bánh xèo). I wish that Pho 24 were still around though.


Pho24 Vietnam said...

Have no fear, TTH. Pho24 is in talk to return to Singapore and Malaysia market. The previous franchisee in Millenia Walk was closed due to noncompliance. For now, with your travelling schedule, do try our latest locations in Tsim Tsa Tsui and Shatin, Hong Kong. Happy Travelling and Eating.

nev said...

Why not try the real thing, sold by Vietnamese and frequented by Vietnamese... on Joo Chiat Road?

There are a cluster of them. The first one as you turn into Joo Chiat Road (from the Geylang side) is a stall that only sells pho and rice paper rolls (both excellent!). Sometimes they have fresh baguettes flown in from Vietnam by some freshly arrived ladies of the night. The stall is in a little corner coffee shop on 86 Joo Chiat Road, it's the one facing Joo Chiat Road.

There's also a proper restaurant with a huge menu with pictures. The Vietnamese man who took (or tried to take) our order doesn't speak a word of English, Mandarin, Hokkien - strictly Vietnamese only. Fortunately the boss was in, and she speaks English - otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get ourselves proper Vietnamese coffee. The pho is slightly different from the other place (stall), but just as good. They have a good selection of noodles soups, and cook-to-order dishes. It's on 149 Joo Chiat Road, the restaurant is called Quy Giao Quan An Viet Nam.

There used to be a Vietnamese hot pot place just a few doors away, but when I was in the area recently, it's disappeared :(

Adrian Loh said...

Try Pho 99 at 57 Amoy Street. The soup base for their pho is excellent in my view and I always drink everything up. It's the dark flavoursome kind of soup and not the clear and light broth but delicious nevertheless. Quality of beef could be better but it's not a deal breaker.