Thursday, May 03, 2012

Soon Lee Pig Organ Soup, Singapore

Meatball Soup

Zion Riverside Food Centre has finally reopened. It was largely the same thing aside from a new paint job, overhead lighting, and most notably the restrooms (which hopefully will stink less of disinfectant!). Most of the stalls were still there, including the Teochew noodle man, the famous char kway teow guy, and the fish soup lady. It looks like the satay guy is gone though.

Either way, I hadn't been to this kway chap stall (number 14) yet. And admittedly I was in no mood for innards, but this meatball soup looked pretty good - fortunately it turned out to be pretty good too, with an edgy stank to the meatballs (in a good way, like Punggol Noodles) that went well with my white pepper laced broth and the sour chili sauce. I'll come back to get this again.

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