Saturday, June 25, 2011

Punggol Noodles, Kovan City, Singapore

Punggol Noodles

We came up here for a bowl of bak chor mee (210 Hougang Street 21 at Kopitiam stall #01-04). After all, it was the only other stall in Makansutra aside from Tai Wah that has received a full three chopstick set rating. It was cool how this guy had a sinful metal bucket full of lard for you to scoop onto your bowl, as well as an array of condiments. But I definitely like Tai Wah better, as Tai Wah knows just the right amount of vinegar to use, and further accentuates the bowl with those stanky dried fish pieces that they don't have here.

Meatball Soup

The better thing about this stall was the meatballs, which were frickin' awesome. See, the way they seasoned the meatballs was very similar to Tai Wah's, but Tai Wah's texture is firm and seemingly manufactured, whereas this guy's was delicate and chunky...basically handmade. I liked them so much that I went back for seconds and even thirds. Maybe next time I'll tell him to shorten the cooking time on the noodles to give it the firmer bite that I prefer. After all, the taste of the noodles themselves was better than most others.


Kng Suan said...

You should try Ah Kow Bak Chor Mee in Hong Lim Hawker Centre (the food centre next to Chinatown Complex). The bak chor mee here rocks as well, and to me it's a close 2nd to Tai Wah.

Kng Suan said...

Sorry, I just did a search and realised you've been there already. :) Ah Kow also has a bit of a sentimental value to me, as I've eaten it through my growing years, since it was originally located at Ellenborough Road (where Central/Clarke Quay MRT now stands)

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, kindly note that we will be shifting to Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Centre #02-24,
105 Hougang Avenue 1 Singapore 530105 (Lorong Ah Soo). Our business will resume in mid Nov 2011! Do contact us at 97225590/92955909 should you have any queries. Thanks for your continuous support and we look forward to serve you soon! Stay Tune ")