Saturday, April 14, 2012

My SQ Fruit Plate from Bangalore

Fruit Plate

That photo may look a bit phallic, but it was the fruit plate that the staff saved for me just before landing at Changi (they didn't seem as willing to save me a hot meal as they did on the way out, although this leg was shorter by an hour). And it's too bad that they were still using those old blue reclining business class seats on this redeye flight. Being able to put one's legs up didn't help much when the seat in front of you could lean so far back into your space.

The new Bangalore airport was definitely light years beyond the old airport at least. Yet the usual red tape still applied here: the hardcopy itineraries, the baggage tags, etc. Some of the staff really went out of the way though: in the process of trying to get my itinerary printed, one guy helped me jump the queue to get my boarding pass and escorted me up to immigration, all while refusing a tip. Note for future reference: the lounge there was very, very small. They had a shower, but even then it was very cramped.

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