Saturday, April 07, 2012

Five & Dime Eatery, River Valley Road

Spinach Tamago

In spite of what its name might suggest, this place is rather much that its prices have discouraged me from coming here for some time now (297 River Valley Road, 9236-5002). I suspect that the name was chosen not to characterize its prices, but rather to invoke a classic sense of nostalgia instead. And it worked, making it a nice place for a lazy weekend brunch, in the same sense of Marmalade Pantry, or the now defunct Whitebait & Kale.

The menu in many cases exhibited a mild Japanese influence, such as this spinach tamago above. Granted, the sweetness of the egg was a bit of a personal turnoff, but they were ultimately trying to emulate tamagoyaki after all, and I definitely liked the onion dressing and shichimi-seasoned potatoes that they had on the side. The you tiao churros that we got were likewise a bit heavy and burnt, but I still wolfed it down either way.

Either way, the service was generally speedy, and one certainly can't complain about the charismatic decor of the place. Still, this is more than I would prefer to pay for food, so if I come back here again, then I hope that someone else is paying.

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