Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Old Pro's Double Double in Palo Alto

OP Double Double

Not to be confused with the Double Double from In-N-Out (nor Slater's 50/50 from SoCal), this was the OP Double Double from the Old Pro in Palo Alto. Yes, the two patties plus onion ring stacked in this thing made it too tall to eat, so one basically had to either smash it down or take the thing apart and eat it in pieces. I did both. The Niman Ranch patties were tasty, if a bit overcooked.

They are also now providing a ghost chili option among the selection of buffalo wing sauces; as if habanero wasn't hot enough. Actually, I liked the habanero sauce better than last time, and they stopped resting them on those fried noodle bits too. Granted, the wings were still a bit too meaty, but the sauces were surprisingly addictive. I even used them to dip my fries into, despite how much residual heat they kept providing.


Pen Fish said...


greets from Germany ;)

DJ HawaiianShirt said...

I really hate burgers that are too big/tall to bit into. If I can't eat it like a sandwich, then what's the point of the sandwich construction?

Also, I think the burger joints get a little too happy with proportions. A shit-ton of meat and bread make the burger taste like meat and bread. Oddly, I've found that tradition fast food burgers (Mickie D's, BK) tend to strike the most balance with burger proportions.