Friday, March 30, 2012

Jiangzhe Food from Kong Yi Ji, Beijing

Chinese Yellow Wine

See that little cup at the bottom with the shredded ginger? It looks like it might be dark Chinese vinegar for dipping steamed dumplings into, but it wasn't. It was that Chinese huangjiu stuff, which my host insisted on getting for lunch today. Ironically, the server said that this stuff can be used to *cure* hangovers, and I suppose that I can see why. It didn't really taste of alcohol, and instead had a light sweet taste after being paired with one of those sour plums in the glass. The porcelain-ware was pretty cool too as hot water was used to keep an inner cylinder of the stuff warm.

Anyway, this was from a Jiangzhe restaurant here in Beijing (8 Chaoyang Park Road, 6508-2228), which was a refreshingly light change here after all of that spicy food from yesterday. I particularly liked a fatty pork dish that they brought out: shove some of that meat into a bun together with some pickled veggies and down the hatch it goes. The decor of this place was pretty cool too, with its koi pond and Chinese courtyard-like setup - I felt like I was in a Zhang Yimou movie. Apparently they have musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments if you come here at dinnertime too. I'd come back again.

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