Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shanghai Lu Lu Restaurant, China

Tofu Skin Knots

After a long day of meetings today, our local colleagues hosted a dinner at this restaurant from Shanghai that has now spread to other locations around the country, including Beijing. A number of quintessentially Shanghainese dishes came out, such as xiao long bao, sheng jian bao, and that eel stuff that I like so much. Pictured above were some kind of tofu skin tied into little knots. Perhaps more interesting were some pork ribs that tasted like giant pieces of salty greasy bacon, as well as a set of little crabs that came with plastic gloves to help keep your hands clean.

To wash this all down, we were served Chinese huangjiu liquor, which was served warm, and interestingly with some shredded ginger and even a sour plum in each cup to make it a bit tangy. The herbal elements of it were a bit of a distraction at first, but its smoothness grew on me. At least it wasn't as harsh as that Chinese baijiu stuff.

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