Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanoi Airport's Business Class Lounge

Phở Gà

Yep - that's a bowl of phở gà from the (non-SkyTeam) business class lounge at Hanoi Airport. A beef version was available too. One couldn't expect much when the broth was microwaved in front of you, but it became bearable enough when garnished with enough lime, chilis, and black pepper.

Perhaps more interesting was the local Chardonnay from Dalat that they were pouring here. The word "Excellence" was in big letters on the label, but that didn't quite align to the expression on my face that appeared upon trying it. Those little spring rolls weren't anything to get excited about either; it was a bit like trying to eat a chewing gum wrapper.

Well, hey - all of this was free after all, and it was cool to be able to try so many local things here, including some local beer. It was definitely the highlight of an otherwise dull airport slightly reminiscent of a smaller Denpasar.

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