Monday, March 26, 2012

Sights From the Streets of Hanoi

The Fruit Lady

Here are just a few things that we saw off the streets of Hanoi this weekend, the first of which was this fruit lady. The cool thing was that everything could be laced with dried chili powder, be it pineapple, green mango, or even strawberries. It was different, but in an excitingly good way. We made frequent use of these fruit vendors nearly every day.

Ready-made Soup Stock

Next up was something that I spotted at a local market. At first it looked like just a bunch of clams and herbs packaged up for you to presumably make soup at home. But then I noticed a giant bladder behind it containing what seemed to be soup stock.

Ca Phe Paris Mia

Lastly, I went and had another taste of weasel coffee while I was here. This US$3 serving was more than four times the price of the normal coffee, and as with before, it had a bit of a chocolate taste. But it also had a fragrance that reminded me of pipe tobacco. Either way, it ironically didn't really taste much like coffee anymore.

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