Saturday, February 04, 2012

Thai Tantric, Orchard Towers, Singapore

Tom Yam Soup - The Thick, or Cloudy, Version

Yep - it's a third place serving Thai food at Orchard Towers. This one was just around the corner from Korat (400 Orchard Road #03-23, 9056-3958), but with much fewer seats. And yet all of those seats were filled early this evening, whereas Korat was completely empty. I'm not sure how true this is, but someone said that people from the Thai Embassy come over here to eat too.

All of that got my hopes up too high; I ended up walking away unsatisfied. Part of it was my own fault for ordering the wrong thing; a soup that I got was not the spicy glass noodle soup that I thought I was ordering. I also suspect that part of it was because they intentionally toned down the spices on our dishes. But some of it was simply just bad ingredients; the prawns in our tom yum soup above had clearly seen better days.

Well, at least the veggies that we got were fresh. And I'm still willing to come back as long as someone suggests the right dishes to order. But frankly, I got more excited by the shop downstairs that was selling pizza by the slice. I was too full to eat it, but it smelled like it would hit the spot after a few beers.


Fatima said...

So I've been reading your blog for AGES now (at least 4 years), but never really commented. I had a question: why aren't you tweeting? That way you can cross-post your location/photos and people will know that your blog has been updated.
Just a thought.
Happy travels and bon appetit!

Calgary, Alberta
Twitter handle: fatyana

Beans said...


Thank you for your valuable, and more importantly honest review.

It is true what you said about the 'toning down' of the flavours - mainly because that we believe that the customer should have the ability to adjust the taste to suit. No worries, the next time you are there please do tell the attendants of how you want your food to be (they are all very eager people).

Will definitely relay this to the team, and we hope to see you back again some time soon.

Thank you once again,
Thai Tantric Team