Sunday, May 30, 2010

Korat Thai Cafe, Orchard Towers

Pla Nam Tok

After randomly watching Merrilees Parker's old Thailand episode of Planet Food on TV this afternoon, we got the idea of getting Thai food for dinner tonight. But going down to E-Sarn on Sixth Avenue on a crowded Sunday night would have been suicide, so we went to Orchard Towers instead...and this time checking out that other shop on the third floor (400 Orchard Road #03-28, 6736-2282).

It was fine, as the tom yum soup and veggies were pretty much what we were looking for. I was surprised to find them doing nam tok using fish, which could have been fresher, but one couldn't exactly expect much at a place like this. Besides, when one throws that much lime juice, chili peppers, onions, fish sauce, mint, and rice powder on top, there was no way it could taste bad, especially when further distracted by those crunchy deep-fried fish bones as a bonus.

Well, one reason for choosing this shop over Jane's is that there is much more open seating without getting all choked up by spicy cooking fumes. But that's of course if you don't mind sitting in the midst of all of those dodgy establishments around it. Note to self in case I need this in the future: their hours are 6 PM - 4 AM on Fri/Sat and 4 PM - 3 AM the rest of the week.

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Pete said...

BTW, E-Sarn Thai is no longer at Sixth Ave - it's relocated to Ridgewood Condo.