Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beijing Nengren Ju, Tyrwhitt Road

Sour Vegetable Boiled Fish

This was a completely random visit. We were originally trying to hunt down a Thai place nearby, only to find that it had closed, and thus stopped by this random northern Chinese place on a side street out of sheer convenience (25 Tyrwhitt Road, 6396-8006).

Fortunately, it was a lot better that we had figured it would be, with string beans spiced up just the right amount, as well as some cold flat noodles that were much better than that Yang Gui Fei place (i.e., nowhere as salty).

The thing above may seem a bit strange, but it was basically a white version of shui zu yu, leveraging some sour pickled vegetables (a bit like the white broth from Wei Lu in Taipei as opposed to the standard red one). I liked it, but it was definitely a lot more veggies than fish. Next time we should give their Mongolian hot pot thing a try.

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