Saturday, December 03, 2011

Tacodeli in Austin, Texas

El Popeye and The Vaquero

I'm not sure why, but a lot of the taco places around here are only open during the hours of around 7 AM to 3 PM, thus making them breakfast and lunch places rather than anywhere that one can get dinner at. In that spirit, I came down to Tacodeli for breakfast today, especially since there was one outlet just down the street from my hotel. They claimed to be "serving the best tacos in Austin since 1999," and Zagat had them as a top Bang for the Buck.

The breakfast renditions I had included this spinach, egg, and cheese version as well as one with grilled corn and roasted poblano peppers. They were pretty darned good, especially with the various sauces that they had to go along with it, including a habanero one as well as a creamy green one that was kinda spicy too. I may have expressed hesitations about Tex-Mex in the past, but if Tacodeli and Torchy's are better representations of it than Chuy's, then I'm all for it.

Side note: They had locally brewed Dr. Pepper here. Like a Mexican Coke, it used sugar rather than fructose. I still really couldn't taste the difference (perhaps because my mouth was still on fire from that habanero sauce), but it was also only recently that I realized that Coke in Singapore is also sugar-based. In that sense, it's actually American Coke (and maybe Korean Coke) that is more unique since it uses fructose instead.

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Anonymous said...

Whow ! it look fabulous with Dr Papper !! I want to go to Austin !! :)