Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Returning on One of SQ's A330s

Braised Beef

Thankfully the return leg to Singapore tonight was on an A330, and it was fitted with the new SQ Economy Class seats, complete with power outlets (featuring UK plugs too) and a USB port to charge my phone with.

It was still a pretty full flight, but somehow I lucked out when a passenger asked to change seats so that she could sit next to her sister. It turned out that her original seat was in a completely empty row, even though everyone else around was packed next to each other. Granted, I was all the way in the back of the plane, but that didn't matter. I sprawled out all my gear and got to work without really touching much of this braised beef dinner.

And it looks like I haven't flown SQ to Hong Kong in a while. It was only tonight that I finally visited the updated KrisFlyer lounge in HKG, which was surprisingly cavernous and posh, especially compared to that tiny little hole in the wall that they had previously. But it's too far away from where United parks its planes though to be able to lounge crash when transiting through.


shida said...

This looks like something my aunt (also my babysitter) would cook for me when I was a kid. So yummy! :)

eimyllin said...

I think I was on the same flight! Beef was tough, but better than another time where they serve tips of fat. Sauce was savory and quite flavorful. I was eyeing the chinese meal though, the desert facinates me.

Lizzie said...

I was on that flight too! Took the beef and finished less than half.