Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Low Sodium Meal on SQ

The Low Sodium Meal on SQ

Whoa - that was a lot better than I thought it would be. Coming off of that horrible Oriental Vegetarian meal on the way up, I figured that the special Low Sodium meal that I requested on the way back was also going to be unappetizing. But I actually kinda liked this thing.

It may have been low on salt, but it wasn't nearly as bland as I thought it might be. The natural taste of the fish went nicely with the rich potatoes and rice, while the crudités and cut fruit would be my preference over the salad and cake that are usually provided in these trays anyway. The low air pressure in airplanes is supposed to hamper our sense of taste too, right? That made this all the more impressive.

Perhaps more interesting was the fact that this came from CX's catering department, which I've had many a forgettable meal from before. If Low Sodium meals out of Singapore are similar, then I may have found my new thing on airlines...all while staying on the healthy side of the fence in the process.


Blur Ting said...

That's a good idea. The food served on SQ is becoming worse.

Margaret said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Last year my husband developed an allergy to MSG due to the high exposure he got while staying in Singapore. It would be interesting as well as very useful if you could find out if the food you're reviewing has this harmful chemical in it. (MSG is a harmful chemical that impacts the brains neuro-transmitters & fools the brain into thinking the food is 'extra tasty'). I am shocked how many restaurants in SIngapore still use mono-sodium glutamate/Accent/MSG.

pei said...

Try the No-Carb meal. It is excellent. Typically with duck breast, cheese plate, fish steak etc. You can still ask for a breadroll so no worries, if you like to have some carb.